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We collect knowledge and experience from extraordinary people and share it to those who need it most. We offer on-line courses for some of life’s most difficult challenges, taught in a real-world point of view that goes beyond “skill based knowledge” and gets the heart of the matter.

Humble Beginnings

As of June 2015 we have officially launched our first course, Schizophrenia Quick S.T.A.R.T.   A course designed to help the caregivers of loved one’s suffering from schizophrenia navigate the confusing and traumatic “pre-diagnosis” stage.

Although we only have one course available right now, there are many on the way! Check out some of our courses that are coming soon!

Game Plan

Game Plan

Power Breathing for Parkinson's

Finally Fit

Our Extraordinary Experts

We work with experts all over the world to bring you the best knowledge and experience in every subject we cover. These magnificent individuals don’t just have a vast wealth of knowledge on their subjects, they have real life experiences that make our courses so much more valuable to our viewers.